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Logistcs & Storage


Bagging & palletization

Product storaged in silo or debagged from bags, big bag or octabin is packed into bags and palletized following one of our two production lines. Our equipment is able to provide stretch, stretch hood or both to the final palletized material.


The material can also be packed in: big bag or octabin (400, 500 & 1000 kg).​


Packed product (in bags, big bag or octabin), is turned in to bulk condition with our debagging systems (manual or automatic) for new delivery or bagging purposes.


Drive out dust from a product using pneumatic transport system with high efficient results.


With our blending system we offer the possibility to homogenize a material from different origins to obtain a more valuable product following customer’s request.


Our repackaging capability and flexibility respond to changes in customer’s needs about final product presentation for deliveries.

Load / Unload / Packed / Bulk material 

Trucks, bulk containers, MPC Marine Packed Containers, experienced logistic team, own fleet & agrements with important Logistic companies and flexibility

Optical Sorting 

Sorting solid particles (normally rust) from product using optical sensors.

Silo rental 

Bulk storage service to allow customers to expand their storagging capability.


Eliminate humidity using pneumatic transport system.

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